Philosophical Statement
I believe that learning and education are a lifelong experience. Classroom time can be very important towards developing your intellect. However, your love of learning on all levels, your reading and thinking and intellectual stimulation are even more important. Often, a degree is less a sign of what you know than it is a sign that your parents had some money to send you to school.

For The Best Word, I produce books that are stimulating and fun to read. I make certain my clients are satisfied with what I have written; for if they are not happy with the results, I am not happy.

Our fees are competitive. You may find them lower than most other agencies of this type. We believe in providing as complete a service as possible. Anyone who has a self published book and would like a review of it for sales purposes may contact us about this service. Go to this page for some samples of book reviews, as well as essays on other things. And remember, the more listings, backlinks and reviews you have, the more likely you will be to sell your book.

Who We Are

Genevieve Fosa runs The Best Word. She has been writing and pleasing her clients since 2002. Before that, she worked as a Registered Nurse in hospitals and nursing homes. At this time, she is more than happy to be doing work that she loves; helping people to record the stories of their lives.

Have a question? Send an email and I will get back to you within twenty-four hours.

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