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Daylight Savings

I never did like the change of time, back and forth, from Winter to Summer. Jumping ahead an hour from the time that fits most readily into my circadian rhythms every spring becomes more of an imposition each year. Most … Continue reading

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Advertising Your Presence

If I were a street merchant calling out my wares, I would be in the town square with my cart filled with packages of vellum and bottles of inks that I had made according to recipes that I would insist … Continue reading

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Women and Math

I’ve been tutoring mathematics intensely for the past three years, both person-to-person and over the phone, mostly with college or high school students. What I’ve noticed is that, of the students who used my services, more were women than men. … Continue reading

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A Guide to the Three Basic Points of View

I read a lot of books. Reading is part of my job. I read to know and understand the sorts of things that have sold well and the sorts of things that are selling well. I read analytically to see … Continue reading

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