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Frustration of the One Person Office Manager

Frustration builds up as I look at all my failed strategies for getting free advertising. One thing sticks in my mind, however, as I sit here grinding my teeth, and that is the dictum that potential clients must see your … Continue reading

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Tired of the Foolishness, or, Do Lists Make You Feel Safe?

I am part of the Baby Boomer generation. In my youth I was definitely on the side of those fighting for a peaceful, reasonable world. We did fight for that, and I suppose it could be said that we almost … Continue reading

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Book Review ~ Caleb’s Crossing and Mrs. Tomb Thumb

Mrs. Tom Thumb; Melanie Benjamin; Delacorte Press; New York 2011 Caleb’s Crossing; Geraldine Brooks; Penguin Group; New York: 2012 Both these books deal with guilt, the part that religion plays in augmenting it, and how people come to terms with … Continue reading

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My Disaffection with Medicine

My sister is a Christian Scientist. This is a religion that I personally would not want to have to follow. This religion does not fit my world view, and it does not give me a sense of spiritual wholeness. However, … Continue reading

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