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Boundaries – by Elizabeth Nunez

We discover subtle cultural differences between the places where we lived, and the places we move to, even when that move is within the same state or the same country. Most of us are second, third or fourth generations immigrants. … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Land of Decoration

The Land of Decoration by Grace McCleen It isn’t easy being the youngest child in your class at school, especially when you are probably the most intelligent one there. The older students tend to be jealous over the honor you … Continue reading

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Abuse and Forgiveness

The most important piece of equipment we start with is what we learned from our parents as we grew up. And if what they taught us was flawed or even destructive, then it was a burden, which may take the … Continue reading

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Fascist Nation

It has been stated by army generals, no less, that the US is headed down the road towards Socialism. The argument is: 1 – Parts of the United States economy are being nationalized. That statement could mean many things. First, … Continue reading

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