Fascist Nation

It has been stated by army generals, no less, that the US is headed down the road towards Socialism. The argument is:

1 – Parts of the United States economy are being nationalized. That statement could mean many things. First, our corporations are in control of the economy. Their lawyers and CEOs have successfully campaigned for control over every aspect of how we are able to earn a living, even to making it illegal to run a factory[link to news about Gibson guitar factory] in this country that pays a living wage to its employees. Prison labor is now the standard.

2 – The increasingly strict education of our children, with the cutbacks in recess time for the very young, along with cuts in the programs such as art, music and the humanities, as well as the enforcement of rules permitting no consideration of extenuating circumstances or even allowing a child to be a child.

How many youngsters have sat through dull lectures by their teachers, while doodling sketches of rockets on their notebooks? Rockets are easy shapes to draw, and they feature in many cartoons. Once upon a time, such doodling was seen as simply part of growing up. Now, children are often expelled from school for that sort of behavior. Five-year-old children have recently been expelled for simply pointing their fingers in imitation of a gun. Public schools across this nation, appear to be geared towards getting all of our children inured to being in prison from an early age. The number of laws for all of us have been increased to the point that it is impossible for a person not to break some of them even though we attempt to do everything legally.

3- Our powerful corporate CEOs and lawyers, who incidentally are the only people wealthy enough to be permitted to run for congress, are pushing for longer prison sentences. This is because it is good business for the corporations. While the State and Federal governments continue to pay for the upkeep of the prisons, the corporations move their factories inside them, where they then have essentially free labor. It is an even better deal for them than the institution of slavery was years ago.

They may keep prisoners working sixteen hour days, seven days a week. And they only have to pay those workers pennies a day, because hey — they’re prisoners. This is where our children and grand children are headed, and it doesn’t look much like socialism to me.

4 – The redistribution of wealth. In a truly socialistic system, wealth is distributed outward, so that the economic playing field is equalized, and everyone’s basic needs are covered. In our economy wealth is being redistributed in massive amounts to the corporations and the banks, putting the rest of us perpetually in debt to them.

It is a terrible system for us. Let us count the ways. First, every dollar that the Federal Government authorizes to be printed is handed over to what is known as the Federal Bank, which is in reality a private bank with links to the Rothschild banking conglomerate. This bank then lends it back to our government at interest. That is what our taxes pay for. Even if we gave every single dollar in existence back to the bank, that debt would not be paid.

5 – Disenfranchisement of private citizens. At one time I would have considered our government in Washington DC to be our government. I no longer do, as the popular vote no longer means anything. It is our government in name only. It belongs entirely to the corporate conglomerates. Perhaps local elections are still meaningful, however you must be careful with those, checking out the voting records of the people running for office, so you know where they stand on the issues that are important to you.

6 – The militarization of our police. The poorest people in this country have always known that they could not depend on the police to defend them in any sort of crisis, as the police would either not show up, or if they did, they became gratuitously violent towards everyone they encountered. Now, police forces across the country are proudly training with the United States and Israeli armed forces. I am not certain what business the Israeli armed forces have in this country training our police. Be that as it may, our police forces are learning tactics intended to contain a country at war. The moves they take pride in learning are to their shame, as they now use them against the population they swore to defend when they joined the police force. Now there is no question that our police defend the only real people our Government works for — the corporations. The rest of us are simply animals.

Add to this our status of being perpetually at war with the countries Israel would like us to eradicate for them. Our sons and daughters are giving their lives to defend a foreign country that is doing everything it can to make enemies with its neighbors. This writer sees these things as having nothing to do with Socialism, and everything to do with a fascist totalitarian regime.

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