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It isn’t often I bother to pick bones with other blog writers. However, Fred Reed’s recent column was asking for bone pickers. Though, let’s face it; all his columns ask for bone pickers. In that one, he states that the reason our classrooms are such a mess is that we have women teaching in them. This is an unfair accusation. Women have traditionally been the grade school teachers in this country. They were hired to do this, because school boards, in their august male wisdom, did not wish to pay what a man would be likely to charge. They preferred to hire untried young girls, often still in their teens, as it was believed that it would not be quite moral to hire a married woman. It was presumed that the young girls they hired were either living at home, or with neighbors who would at least be willing to foot some of her expenses, as the school boards were certainly not going to pay her enough to be able to cover them herself.

This was in the bad old days of the late Eighteenth and early Nineteenth Centuries. We are presumed to be more civilized now. Be that as it may, it was out of these roots that teaching came to be considered one of the traditional women’s jobs, along with nursing and secretarial work. Through all the years of women dominating the teaching profession, the notion of drugging little boys to get them to behave did not fully raise its reptilian head till the mid nineteen eighties, when the drug companies were looking for more ways to make a profit. The idea that ADHD was anything other than a somewhat slower development of some of the cognitive senses did not come to the fore until then. It was the blending of corporate drugs and corporate psychology that gave birth to the notion that at least every other little boy aught to be drugged to the extent that he is not conscious of what is happening around him.

For the rest, such as; the policemen in our schools, where they absolutely do not belong, giving rise to children being carted off to the police station in handcuffs, is frightfully disturbing to everyone who cares about our children.

This state of affairs has nothing to do with women being in control, and everything to do with corporate interests being in control. It is because exist to make the large corporate shareholders rich that this country’s factory work was first outsourced to other countries, and then back to our own prisons. And what a deal they get for enslaving our prisoners. Our State and Federal governments still pay to keep our prisoners housed, fed, clothed and guarded. But now, the factories are inside the prisons, where they have virtual slave labor. Yes, the era of the slave has not died. Very few people who have not been inside our prisons actually know what goes on there.

And guess what; our friendly and helpful corporate leaders are doing everything they can to have more laws passed, along with harsher prison sentences. They want more people in prison to work in their factories. What we see in our schools is the systematic training of our children to not only put up with, but to expect to be put to work in prison factories. That is what the policemen in our schools and the wholesale drugging of our children is about. It has nothing to do with the fact that women teach.

Now, as far as separating the sexes in our public schools goes, not only would the boys profit by this, but so would the girls. It has been proven that girls have a much stronger sense of self esteem, and are able to learn better, when they are in classrooms made up of girls. This holds true as long as the girls are not slighted in terms of academic training.

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