Tired of the Foolishness, or, Do Lists Make You Feel Safe?

I am part of the Baby Boomer generation. In my youth I was definitely on the side of those fighting for a peaceful, reasonable world. We did fight for that, and I suppose it could be said that we almost won. But, almost doesn’t cut it, and never did. We got side-tracked with the new age brand of consciousness raising and meditation shticks. We stopped demanding that our government clean itself up and that our corporations begin to value people over money.

It has also been said that we lost interest in that fight. You could argue that family responsibilities overtook us. Now, our children and grandchildren sit, high on prescription drugs so that they can sit still in school long enough to do the busy-work the school departments insist they must do, while the rest of us zone out in front of our televisions and computers. The more I read, the more obvious it is that our world is ruled by a crew of sociopaths, people utterly lacking conscience and whose only goal in life is to amass more money and power.

Then I read of the laws enacted by the money junkies’ lackeys, the U.S. Congress. The most recent one that raised my ire is a full frontal attack on free speech, though most people either do not know it exists, or they are laughing about how absurd this law is. Let me explain. The Department of Homeland Security, otherwise known as the DHS have decided in their wisdom, and their sense of protecting the government and corporate heads, that the vocabulary we use on the internet is worthy of study. Their desire is to weed out anyone who might possibly think, or want to talk about problems in our world, along with ideas and ways to fix those problems. They have published a list of words and said that anyone who uses any of the words on this list, and there are 377 of them, folks, is worthy of being watched as a potential terrorist.

Here is that list of words. Read it and laugh.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ~ Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fema) ~ Coast Guard (USCG) ~ Customs and Boarder Protection (CBP) ~ Border Patrol ~ Secret Service (USSS)~ National Operations Center (Noc) ~ Homeland Defense ~ Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) ~ Agent [yes, you’ve got it, it is no longer safe to mention the word ‘agent’ on the internet] ~ Task Force ~ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) ~ Fusion Center ~ Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) ~ Secure Border Initiative (SBI) ~ Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) ~ Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) ~ U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) ~ Federal Air Marshal Services (FAMS) ~ Transportation Security Administration (TSA) ~ Air Marshal ~ Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ~ National Guard ~ Red Cross ~ United Nations (UN) ~

The list becomes more ridiculous the farther you read: Assassination ~ Attack ~ Domestic security ~ [We can no longer safely talk and write about – ] Drill ~ Exercise ~ Cops ~ Law enforcement ~ Authorities ~ Disaster assistance ~ Disaster management ~ DNDO (Domestic Nuclear Detection Office) ~ National preparedness ~ Mitigation [And it is no longer safe to speak of problems being mitigated!] ~ Prevention ~ Response ~ Recovery ~ Dirty bomb ~

Domestic nuclear detection ~ Emergency management ~ Emergency response ~ First responder ~ Homeland security ~ Maritime domain awareness (MDA) ~ National preparedness initiative ~ Militia Shooting ~ Shots fired ~ Evacuation ~ Deaths ~ Hostage ~ Explosion (explosive) ~ Police ~ Disaster medical assistance team (DMAT)

Organized crime ~ Gangs ~ National security ~ State of emergency ~ Security ~ Breach ~ Threat ~ Standoff ~ SWAT ~ Screening ~ Lockdown ~ Bomb (squad or threat) ~

Crash ~ Riot ~ Emergency ~ Landing ~ pipe bomb ~ Incident ~ Facility ~ Hazmat ~ Nuclear [it might be possible to use this word if you misspell it the way Bush II was famous for – nuculer] ~ Chemical spill ~ Suspicious package/device ~ Toxic ~ National laboratory ~ Nuclear facility ~ Nuclear threat ~ Cloud [What are we supposed to call those big white things that float in the sky anyway?] ~ Plume ~ Radiation ~ Radioactive ~ Leak ~

Biological infection (or event) ~ Chemical [Chemicals are pretty common things, but we can’t even mention them any more.] ~ Chemical burn ~ Biological ~ Epidemic ~ Hazardous ~ Hazardous material incident ~ Industrial spill [I know our industries never make mistakes. Nothing ever gets spilled that shouldn’t - so I guess that’s why it’s no longer safe to even mention that sort of thing.] ~ Infection ~ Powder (white) Gas ~ Spillover ~ Anthrax ~ Blister agent ~ Chemical agent ~

Exposure ~ Burn ~ Sarin ~ North Korea ~ Outbreak ~ Contamination ~ Exposure [again? This must be a very significant word.] ~ Virus ~ Evacuation ~ Bacteria ~ Recall ~ Ebola ~ Food Poisoning ~ Foot and Mouth (FMD) ~H5N1 ~ Avian ~ Flu ~ Salmonella ~ Small Pox ~ Plague ~ Human to human ~ Human to Animal ~ Influenza ~ Center for Disease Control (CDC) ~ Drug Administration (FDA) ~ Public Health ~ Toxic Agro [Toxic Agro - Think about it, that’s their term for the food we buy in our grocery stores] ~ Terror Tuberculosis (TB) [TB used to mean simply tuberculosis. This term, terror tuberculosis makes it sound as though there is an underground lab somewhere, where they are turning TB into a weapon of mass destruction.]

Agriculture [Most of the family farms are gone. I guess talking about it makes us dangerous.] ~ Listeria ~ Symptoms ~ Mutation ~ Resistant ~ Antiviral ~ Wave ~ Pandemic ~ Water/air borne ~ Sick [The entire list is sick, if you ask me.] ~ Swine ~ Pork [Now it’s gone from something Jews and Muslims could not eat, to something nobody can even speak of!] ~ Strain ~ Quarantine ~ H1N1 ~ Vaccine ~ Tamiflu ~ Norvo Virus ~ Epidemic ~ World Health Organization (Who)(and components) ~ Viral Hemorrhagic Fever ~ E. Coli ~ Infrastructure Security ~

Airport ~ CIKR (Critical Infrastructure & Key Resources) ~ AMTRAK [Our trains are vastly inferior to the trains in Europe. Maybe it’s just putting Amtrak all in capital letters that is dangerous!] ~ Collapse ~ Computer infrastructure ~ Communications infrastructure ~ Telecommunications ~ Critical infrastructure ~ National infrasturcture ~ Metro ~ WMATA ~ Airplane (and derivatives) ~ Chemical fire ~ Subway ~ BART ~ MARTA ~ Port Authority ~ NBIC (National Biosurveillanxce Integration Center) ~ Transportation security ~

Grid ~ Power ~ Smart ~ Body scanner ~ Electric ~ Failure or outage ~ Black out ~ Brown out ~ Port ~ Dock ~ Bridge ~ Delays ~ Service disruption ~ Power lines ~ Drug cartel ~

Violence ~ Gang ~ Drug ~ Narcotics ~ Heroin ~ Border ~ Mexico ~ Cartel ~ Southwest ~ Juarez ~ Sinaloa ~ Tijuana ~ Torreon ~ Yuma ~ Tucson ~ Decapitated [Now we can’t mention it if it loses it’s head.] ~

U.S. Consulate ~ Consular ~ El Paso ~ Fort Hancock ~ San Diego ~ Ciudad Juarez ~ Nogales ~ Sonora ~ Columbia ~ Mara Salvatrucha ~ MS13 or MS-13 ~ Drug war [For years there’s been this so-called war on drugs, and now we’re not even supposed to mention it!] ~ Mexican army ~

Methamphetamine ~ Cartel de Golfo ~ Gulf Cartel ~ La Familia ~ Reynosa ~ Nuevo Leon ~ Narcos ~ Narco banners (Spanish equivalents) ~ Los Zetas ~

Shootout ~ Execution ~ Gunfight ~ Trafficking ~ Kidnap ~ Calderon ~ Reyosa ~ Bust ~ Tamaulipas ~ Meth Lab ~ Drug Trade ~ Illegal immigrants ~

Smuggling (smugglers) ~ Matamoros ~ Michoacana ~ Guzman ~ Arellano-Felix ~ Beltran-Leyva ~ Barrio Azteca ~ Artistic Assassins ~ Mexicles ~ New Federation ~ Terrorism ~ Al Qaeda (all spellings) ~

Terror ~ Attack ~ Iraq ~ Afghanistan ~ Iran ~ Pakistan ~ Agro ~ Environmental terrorist ~ Eco Terrorism ~ Conventional weapon ~ Target ~ Weapons grade ~ Dirty bomb ~ Enriched ~ Nuclear ~ Chemical Weapon ~ Biological weapon ~ Ammonium nitrate ~ Improvised explosive device ~ IED (Improvized Explosive Device) ~

Abu Sayyaf ~ Hamas ~ Farc (Armed Revolutionary Forces Columbia) ~ IRA (Irish Republican Army) ~ ETA (Euskadi ta Askatasuna) ~ Basque Separatists ~ Hezbollah ~ Tamil Tigers ~ PLF (Palestine Liberation Front) ~ PLO (Palistine Liberation Organization) ~

Car bomb ~ Jihad ~ Taliban ~ Weapons cache ~ Suicide bomber ~ Suicide attack ~ Suspicious substance ~ AQAP (Al Qaeda Arabian Peninsula) ~ AQIM (Al Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb) ~ TTP (Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan) ~ Yemen ~
Pirates [Now, which pirates is it that we should not mention any more?] ~ Extremism ~ Somalia ~ Nigeria ~ Radicals ~ Al-Shabaab ~ Home grown ~ Plot ~ Nationalist ~ Fundamentalism ~ Islamist ~

Emergency [Now we aren’t even supposed to speak of the weather!] ~ Hurricane ~ Tornado ~ Twister ~ Tsunami ~ Earthquake ~ Tremor ~ Flood ~ Storm ~ Crest ~ Temblor ~ Extreme weather ~

Forest fire ~ Brush fire ~ Ice ~ Stranded/Stuck ~ Help [So, if we ask for help, or offer to give any, we’re terrorists?] ~ Hail ~ Wildfire ~ Tsunami Warning Center ~ Magnitude ~ Avalanche ~ Typhoon ~ Shelter-in-place ~ Disaster ~ Snow ~ Blizzard ~ Sleet ~ Mud slide or Mudslide ~ Erosion ~ Power outage ~ Brown out ~ Lightening ~ Aid ~ Relief ~ Closure ~ Interstate ~ Burst ~

Emergency Broadcast System ~ Cyber security ~ Botnet ~ DDOS (dedicated denial of service) ~ Denial of service ~ Malware ~ Virus ~ Trojan ~ Keylogger ~ Cyber Command ~ 2600 ~ Spammer ~ Phishing ~ Rootkit ~ Phreaking ~ Cain and abel ~ Brute forcing ~ Mysql injection ~ Cyber attack ~ Cyber terror ~ Hacker ~ China ~ Conficker ~ Worm ~ Scammers ~ Social media [And anything having to do with our computers is off limits?]

Essentially what is happening is; now that everything we post and everything we send through the email is monitored, when we speak or write of the topics in this list, we will be considered to be potential terrorists. We will be considered to be people worth watching. We may perhaps even considered for indefinite detention. In case you haven’t figured it out, our government is no longer by and for the people, it is by and for the corporations, and it deserves to be undermined in whatever ways we can think to do that.

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