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When Mother Calls

When Mother Calls - a time travel fantasy novel

Josepha never wanted to talk to any spirits. Her ability to communicate with them was totally against everything she understood about the way the world works. Just leave her alone, please, with her so humdrum job as an accountant in a lawyer’s office, and she will muddle through, just as she always has — thank you very much. Her life consisted of lonely days driving to and from work and lonely evenings, curled up on her couch in front of her television set, with only her cat and a novel for company.

It may have been time for a change, however her step-mother calling her, on a frigid January night, to please come over for a seance was not at all the sort of change Josepha wanted. Work had been trying, and all she wanted to do that night was go to bed.

Even so, the spirits have other things in mind, and will not let Josepha go until she sees that her destiny might lie somewhere long ago.

     This book is available here:  

Link: https://www.books2read.com/u/3yZrjp 

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     Genevieve Fosa lives and writes in Wayland, Massachusetts

Learn about the entanglements of Time Travel

When Josepha traveled from the year 2014 to 1845, she discovered a sister she never knew she had, and a father she had almost forgotten existed.

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When Mother Calls is the first in a series of three. Get the E-book at $3.99 while you can.


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