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You know the old saying; life happens when you are making plans. This has happened to me so many times that making plans of any sort has begun to feel like bad luck. Might this be why I like writing stories about people who, while they have the best of intentions, and have laid the best of plans, find themselves in situations they had no idea were even possible? Somehow, the people in my stories must come to terms with their experiences and learn from them. 

I have worked as a Registered Nurse, but that was quite a number of years ago. At the time, I felt as though I had fallen down a rabbit hole into a world that almost, but not quite, made sense. I was able to observe the human condition in ways that most people never have a chance to experience.

When I stopped nursing, I worked as a ghostwriter and book doctor. Most of my clients have been wonderful. Now, however, I am in a position where I can put most of my energy into writing the novels that I have wanted to write for most of my life. 

I love fantasy novels as one can use the genre to express all sorts of things about society, without offending too many people. I have also been experimenting with Fantastic Realism, using it to express irony and humor, rather than taking itself as seriously as many authors like to do. 

My upcoming books page will fill up over the next few months, as ideas begin to flesh out. 

On another note, I do offer my services as a writer and editor. If you are interested, please contact me. My fees are decided on a project-by-project basis. 

Twenty Seventeen was an interesting year for me. I got my first novel; When Mother Calls, on Amazon, both as an e-book and as a paperback. A few people might find it, and maybe, if I am lucky, someone will buy it. Writing the book was fun. When I write, I tend to develop my characters as i put them into predicaments, and then I can enjoy watching them sort their way out of those situations. 

The concept of time travel has appealed to a wide variety of people for many, many years. The idea of being able to repeat a portion of your life, until you get it right, as was shown in Ground Hog Day, and a few other movies, has its appeal. Or, who wouldn’t like to travel back in time to take part in a famous event, and see first hand what really did happen. Or, the fascination of being able to travel back to your favorite era, to see how people lived. This is why time travel novels can be so interesting. 

The writer putting such novels together must carefully research whatever era of history he plans to use in his story, because many of his readers will recognize when he has made a mistake, or changed events around.

Novels that take their readers into the future can be just as fascinating, though most of the famous stories tend to be dystopian; describing a future of horrors. It is interesting to look at the sometimes obtuse trends in our government policies, and take those trends to their perhaps logical conclusions. If you are concerned about chem-trails and the air we breathe becoming more and more polluted, then you might compose a story wherein fresh air has become so precious that people are willing to risk almost anything to get a breath of it. 

Writing the time travel novel is different from a straight historical novel, in that the author is moving a person with a contemporary point of view into the past, and it is through this character’s eyes that we see how people lived their lives. 

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