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Space is saved for an excerpt from the second book

    Wait to see what comes next!

More Books in the Josepha Chronicles Series

    Book number two in the Josepha Chronicles series is being written as you read this notice. If you have read the first book in the series: When Mother Calls, then you will know that Rudi Strauss is Josepha's boss in the twenty-first century. 

    Maggie Brown, Josepha's stepmother, sends Rudi back to the early twelfth century in England, to teach him a much needed lesson in communication. But, what does he really learn, while he iis so far back in time? 

    Excerpts from this book are soon to appear on this page.

Space for another excerpt from the second book.

Yes, a second excerpt will soon be posted. Come back Come back to see.

When Mother Calls will soon be in paperback

    Due to a heavy demand, Genevieve will be putting When Mother Calls out as a paperback novel. She wants to satisfy all her readers. 

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